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(Supports healthy blood sugar level)

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder that prevents the body to utilize glucose completely or partially.Its characterized by raised glucose concentration in the blood and alteration in carbohydrate metabolism.Food and eating habits have a direct influence on one’s overall well-being. A healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, managing weight are vital in the competitive world. Obesity probably acts as a diabetogenic factor through increasing resistance to the action of insulin in those genetically predisposed to develop NIDDM. Impaired insulin secretion due to genetic or diet and lifestyle factors, or the inability to use insulin. Insulin resistance encountered sometimes in obese individuals impact glucose homeostasis.  If left unchecked can lead to a number of serious health problems including blindness, kidney disease, stroke and heart disease. Health supplement Diabetic Support Capsules helps to overcome daily stress and improves glucose tolerance in all Pre-Diabetics, Diabetic Type I & II.

GloNutra DiaSupport Is a specially formulated product with scientifically relevant ingredients which supports normal blood sugar levels when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Dosages are optimal that helps to retard diabetic complication, prevent uncontrolled glucose levels, reducing oxidative stress and improve immunity. prevent uncontrolled glucose levels, reducing oxidative stress and improve immunity

Product Gradients – 60 capsules

Product Benefits

  • Supports healthy blood sugar level
  • Helps insulin secretion
  • Helps prevent excess glucose absorption
  • Helps to lower and controlling blood sugar level
  • Improves insulin response to glucose
  • Effectively manages Impaired glucose tolerance
  • Supports the body’s natural ability to utilize insulin
  • SUGGESTED USAGE: 1 capsule daily 30 minutes before every meal

Supporting Studies

  1. Pterocarpus marsupium is used as an anti-diabetic remedy in many cultures across the globe for thousands of years. The water-soluble extract has been used to control blood sugar. is water-soluble plays an important role in cell regeneration, insulin release and modulation of cytokine TNF-α. The extract has a good antidiabetic, anti-hyperlipidaemic and antioxidant activity in Diabetic   Hypoglycaemic effects have been scientifically validated in cell lines and animal studies. Traditional know herb with good safety that supports overall health in newly diagnosed patients. The bark of Pterocarpus marsupium (Indian Kino) useful in maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The heartwood and bark have been traditionally used in the management of diabetes
  2. Fenugreek an aromatic plant and seeds containing high levels of soluble and insoluble fiber. Traditionally used for lowering blood sugar by retarding absorption and improve immunity. Is the standardized extract from the seeds of Trigonella foenum –graecum (Fenu greek) containing a minimum of 50% dietary fiber, of which 20% is soluble The cleansing effect of  Fenu Fibers® is thought to be due to the formation of a colloidal –type suspension in the stomach and intestines when the mucilaginous fiber is hydrated, contributing to a feeling of fullness and slowed gastric emptying.
  3. Salacia reticulata a perennial woody shrub. Ayurvedic preparation uses this in the treatment of hyperglycemia. Used around the globe especially in Japan and Korea.
  4. Chromium an essential mineral that helps to regulate insulin & blood sugar level that retards diabetes progression. It lowers fasting blood sugar and improves the efficiency of insulin activity.
  5. Zinc an essential trace element and a key component in insulin transportation from beta-cells (insulin-secreting cells). It plays an important role in early insulin responsiveness to glucose.


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